Designing with uncertainty

September 21, 2017



"I don't know what I want until I know what I can get"

The hardest problems in business, career and life are often the ones where you don't know where to begin. A simple 'how to' Google search will not cut it. This is where an agile * design approach can come in handy


1) Pick a starting point - a persona, event or thing

2) Find a handful of people who are impacted the most

3) Understand their thoughts, assumptions, emotions, decisions, & body language

4) Take a stab at defining the problem. What exactly are they suffering the most from

5) Sketch out a few solutions on paper

6) Play it back to the interviewees and get feedback

7) Repeat

Tip: The intent is to not aim for 100%, rather to aim for momentum and to reduce uncertainty with each cycle 🙌💯

Remember.....the most complicated problems are the ones where we don't know what we want (otherwise there is Google!) 🤔

What is a problem you are currently tackling? Share below! 👇💬  

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