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October 3, 2017

As we enter the last 3 months of 2017, I re-visited my annual goals and quarterly targets. This exercise allows me to measure my progress, celebrate the wins, and more importantly, pinpoint what isn't working and finding ways to iterate and improve.


For instance, I smashed my goal of putting out 5 pieces of content for The Canvas Series. At this point, I am about to release Ep 5 & 6 of the podcast and have posted 60+ blog and social media posts. 


On the other hand, I came up short on reading 1 book a quarter - should be simple, right?


- Q1 I was jumping between 3 books (ambitious, I know) and managed to finish 1, but felt like I didn’t really learn anything.

- Q2 I focused on 1 book that peaked my interest but didn’t finish as priorities shifted.

- Q3 I dedicated 2 hours every Wednesday evening to finish, but constantly found myself de-prioritizing for day-to-day needs.


Because I tracked my progress and the different methods used, I am able to better design a way forward. Specifically, I know routine works best for me opposed to reading when “I felt like it", but for a longer-term / strategic task (investing in my learning), it’s best to schedule it when I am least likely to de-prioritize due to pressing needs.


- Q4: Will dedicate Sundays at 9pm to read. Let's see how this pans out! 


Would love to hear how your annual goals are coming along and what you plan on doing for the remaining 3 months. Share below! 👇💬 




1) Write down your goals and break them up into smaller targets


2) Schedule regular check-ins (I do quarterly, but feel free to try monthly) 


3) Write down what tools / behaviours you will use for that cycle 


4) Measure results at the end of the cycle 


5) Reflect on what worked and what didn’t 


6) Based on learnings, repeat 3 - 5 with revised tools / behaviours 


7) If you smashed your indicator, consider how to sustain the momentum 


8) If multiple goals, consider re-prioritizing to ensure your other goals are achieved 


TL;DR - Document your goals, target indicators and results; and periodically check-in to measure and iterate on the tools / behaviours you use.  


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