Thinking high and low

October 4, 2017


A lot of entrepreneurs and founders often describe their headspace as a constant balancing act - switching between the macro-level view of their business and team, to the micro-level view of what specifically needs to be done for the 10AM meeting. 


This constant switching is very much applied to their lives as well - from taking a broader view of their life in terms of their health, finance, relationships, career, etc., and the micro-level view of what specific activities need to be done today such as going to the gym for 7PM.


Gary V often describes the macro-view as having patience for the long game, and the micro-view as having the hustle to execute consistently every single day. 


This context switching is costly on energy and cognitive capacity. When I am exhausted, this state makes it even more difficult to manage. And often what ends up happening is a constant scramble (see last week’s post). 


What I ended up doing the last few days was to focus more on the micro - the specific goals and activities that need to be done right now. By focusing on a single day, it allowed me to get in small, but a consistent amount of wins to build momentum and relieve stress. 


Would love to hear how you switch between the macro and the micro, especially when you are low on energy. Share below! 👇💬 




1) Develop a mindset to constantly switch between the macro and the micro 


2) Focus the macro-view on the broader system of goals, activities and moving pieces — the “long game” 


3) Focus the micro-view on the specific tasks that can be done today or this week — the “hustle”


4) When exhausted or scrambling, focus on a single view 


5) If micro, simply focus on getting the tasks done for a single day without worrying how it fits into the broader week, month or year 


6) If macro, take a step back and reflect on the system of goals, activities and resources without worrying about executing 



TL;DR - Context switching is powerful but expensive, and when you are scrambling, focus on a single view. 


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