Making the hard sell easier

October 13, 2017

Something I continue to struggle with is making the hard sell easier. What this means is that there will always be the type of individual who has little interest or care for what you are doing, working towards, and ultimately believe in. And often, this will be someone close to you - in my case, a good friend. In almost all cases this is nothing personal … it’s simply not their “thing” and that’s okay.  


Those who have heard me talk about The Canvas Series know that I get absolutely fired up when sharing my mission, the underlying thesis, and the roadmap that I envision. However, this is usually the case when I am talking with someone who is already looking into these concepts - the "early adopters”. 


What happens when I pitch to someone from the “majority” bucket? The bucket that I ultimately need to serve in order to achieve my massive moonshot goal. This is also the group who is not actively looking for a solution, or may not even be aware that this is a problem they face. 


Unfortunately this is an audience I still struggle with. In this recent case, I ended up shying away from telling the full story (and with a fraction of the energy and conviction). What was the outcome? Someone who is already a hard sell becomes even more distant from buying into the project. In other words, I made it more difficult for myself to get their (already challenging) buy-in. 


In hindsight, the appropriate step would have been to work 10x as hard in telling a compelling story. This may include educating them, asking thoughtful questions, empathizing and translating their story back to the core thesis - and ultimately letting them become aware of the problem / opportunity themselves. 


Curious to hear how you make a hard sell easier. Comment below 👇💭 


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