Shaping your why until it becomes natural

October 16, 2017


The concept of finding your ‘why’ is not new to my friend Dave nor I (thanks Simon Sinek for driving this movement!). As we waited for our meal to arrive, Dave began sharing his why. It was clear that this was not something he dreamt up overnight, but rather, an evolving idea that continues to take shape.


For Dave, it comes down to teaching…not the ABCs or calculus; but rather, how to use his management and accounting background to inspire the next generation of leaders to pursue ethical business practices. 


He meets with professors whom he admires. He tutors and teaches students (on top of a demanding full-time job). He reads up on how to become an effective teacher. He educates himself on the latest business concepts and principles that align with his core point-of-view. 


As I continued to probe and critique, Dave demonstrated (a) a relentless desire to get more clarity; and (b) that he’s got a plan in motion. 





1) Start with a hypothesis of what your ‘why’ is 


2) What does that end-experience look like for you, and those who benefit from your work? 


3) Find someone who is already doing this! Ask them about their “end experience.” Does it sound similar to yours? What have you not considered? 


4) Find opportunities to do this! Volunteer, run an experiment, shadow a professional, etc. 


5) Find mediums to learn about your craft / work. How can you improve? 


6) With each activity, re-visit your ‘why’ and ‘end experience.’ What holdsl true? What no longer makes sense? What can you immediately see? What’s the next step? 


7) Lastly, embrace that this is a long process. Both Dave and I are just scraping the surface in terms of our life’s work and there is so much more we can define and shape as we unpack this story. 


How are you finding clarity in your why? DM me or share below 👇💭 


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