Get the flywheel moving

October 18, 2017


Jim Collins - author of Good to Great - talks about the “Flywheel Effect” which highlights the importance of building momentum to drive superior results. 


Most companies, teams and people focus on finding THE solution to get a desired result. Among the many reasons why this does not work, two immediately comes to mind: (1) placing too much emphasis on finding the perfect solution results in analysis paralysis - aka overthinking and not enough doing; and (2) thinking once the solution is in play, the challenge will solve itself. 


Imagine a giant metal disk - 100 ft in diameter. In order to get the flywheel moving as fast as possible, it requires one to build momentum (mass * velocity). At first, you push with significant effort to get it moving a little forward. But with sustained effort, that flywheel makes one entire turn. With continued effort the flywheel completes another. At some point, momentum picks up and plays to your favour, and the flywheel moves forward with little effort - almost naturally. 


Whether it is your health, business, career or relationship, how do you build momentum? DM me or share below 👇💭 


Spoiler alert: In Jim’s book, Good to Great, he found that the companies that outperformed their peers and reaped massive success are those who relied on momentum and not any single strategy or change program. Not a single CEO was able to pinpoint exactly what they did or when things changed….it just started moving. 


You can find Jim's article on the Flywheel Effect here: link


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