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June 19, 2017


It was over a year ago when I decided to take a more proactive and conscious approach in developing myself, building momentum and learning what life has to offer. Prior to that, I operated on a siloed approach, often seeing and treating everything as distinct pieces  —  career, relationship, social, family, health, etc. Each pillar had different goals, different to-do’s, and worse of all, nothing seem to make sense in the big picture. While this auto-pilot approach brought a handful of successes, it was far from what I needed. This was coupled by the fact that I lost grip of why I did or pursued those things anyway. Having spent limited effort doing homework on ‘myself’, I decided to give this a real shot and see what I come up with.


As part of this journey, I took advice from @garyvee and decided to focus and START documenting this process, which gave birth to The Canvas Project podcast. This podcast captures the stories of emerging leaders as they go from a blank canvas to a masterpiece. In each episode, guests share the insights, strategies and tools they use to enhance performance and drive results. At the core, we believe that designing for performance is very much a science, and therefore, can be learned, experimented and scaled. Through storytelling, listeners will get a sense of how guests are designing their lives, and hopefully, will join this movement to build momentum and strive to accomplish things that matter most to them.


This blog will capture stories of my own life and how I am employ these insights in designing my own life. Each post will include a snippet of my story, the strategies informed by psychology / neuroscience, and the #CanvasTheory where I go from knowledge to applied theory and share the actionable steps that I took.


Something to be aware of is that I am learning and experiment just like you. As such, if you are looking for best practices, it is probably best to seek out thought leaders like Gary Vaynerchuk or Tim Ferriss who have already trekked this path. As for me, I am simply documenting the beginning of this journey and sharing it with the world. Hope you find this content relevant as you make the decision to design your life to accomplish the things that matter most to you. Cheers!


Photo: Baños, Tungurahua, Ecuador by Jon @apertureadv_co)



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