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Remote Work

40% of employees would quit their jobs if their employers did not offer flexibility around remote work. 

Among millennials and Gen-Zers, this was higher at 50%. 

- Bloomberg, May 2021


Burn - Out

Weekly meeting time has more than doubled.

Microsoft, 2021

Employees are working up to 40% longer.

- NordVPN, 2021

90% of employees are experiencing burn-out.

- World Economic Forum, 2021



With the 'Great Resignation' underway, the cost of doing nothing is too high.


30 - 45 age group have the highest increase in resignation.

- Harvard Business Review 


Employees who feel burned out are more likely to take a sick day, be looking for another job, and report negative impacts on the quality of their work.

Gallup & Deloitte 

Design Challenge:

How might we enable managers to promote better employee productivity and well-being? ​

Why this matters?​


Employees who feel their company cares are:

  • 2x more likely to be engaged at work

  • 4x less likely to suffer from stress and burn-out

  • 10x more likely to recommend their company as a great place to work

Source: Limeade Institute (2021)

Together we can directly impact
GDP, Healthcare and Society

  • Lower productivity seen in burnout results in a loss of $322 billion annually - World Economic Forum

  • Burnout results in $190 billion in healthcare spending annually - Harvard Business Review

  • By the end of 2021, 50% of all knowledge workers will work remotely, exceeding 625 million employees - Gartner Research